Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 1-137 (Spring & Summer) 


First Pages

Pages 1-6

Research Paper

Evaluation technical and operation of disc filters of filtration equipment on the micro irrigation systems

Pages 1-9

Masoud Ghaffari; Jaber Soltani; Mehdi Akbari; Ali Rahimikhobe

Probabilistic forecast of climate change effects on Hamadan-Bahar aquifer

Pages 27-41

Hemmat Salami; Hamidreza Nassery; Alireza Massah Bavani

Flood control and management by CAPABLE simulator of unsteady flow in river

Pages 81-96

Ghasem Mirzaei; Jamal Mohammad Vali Samani; Mehdi Mazaheri

Evaluating implemented linear sprinkler irrigation systems (Linear) in Qazvin Plain

Pages 129-137

Abdossamad Kaghazloo; Abbas Sotoodeh Nia; Peyman Daneshkar Arasteh