The effect of return period discharge in applying one of the natural flood management measures on flood risk reduction

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Shahid Bahonar University

2 Shahid Bahonar Unibersity

3 Kerman



In this study the amount of flood risk reduction due to applying one of natural flood management measures, in alluvial fans, was investigated. Usually, flood management is done by common structural and non-structural methods, which are expensive and short-lived. Flood damage reduction and using more stable and flexible solutions for flood management, have been received more attention from researchers in recent years. Using natural flood management (NFM) is considered stable methods of flood management, and in this study by presenting a natural solution in the form of increasing the length of the river by creating a meander, to investigate its effect on the expected flood damage compared to the base mode is paid. The method of conducting this study is based on modeling, which uses three models: HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS 2D and ArcMap. The study area is Abbakhsha River catchment located in Bardsir city, Kerman province, with an area of 1136 square kilometers, has the state of an alluvial fan that numerous floods have occurred. Topography, precipitation and discharge are the most important data required for this study. According to the results of this research, creating a meander in the river reduces the expected annual damage (EAD) by 15.5%. The results of this research can be effective in the planning and policy making of optimal flood management solutions in the region


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