A comparative study of cultivation patterns for the development of the agricultural part of Mazandaran province

Document Type : Research Paper



2 Irrigation and Drainage - Faculty of Agricultural Engineering - Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

3 Department of irrigation/ Faculty of Agricultural Engineering/ Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU)

4 Water structures of Tarbiat Modares University



In the present study, in order to optimally use the water and soil resources of Mazandaran province according to the potential of the region, the comparative method was used. For this purpose, the current situation of the province was first identified in terms of water and soil resources and the cultivation pattern, and in the next step, by comparing and adapting other regions of the world that have similar climatic conditions to Mazandaran province, modeling the experiences of those countries in the field of crop cultivation It was carried out according to the potential of the region. The results of the comparison phase showed that a total of 158 points on the earth had the same climate level as Mazandaran province. Based on the comparative results obtained, the current cultivation pattern in Mazandaran province should be slightly changed according to water and soil resources. The cultivated area of products such as cotton, which has been favored by farmers in this province in the past, can increase again in this province as a suitable product for the textile industry. Also, a tree like olive that can be used in different fields (eating raw, extracting oil and animal fodder) and considering that in Mazandaran climate, in many mountainous areas of this province, olive oil extracting species have shown good performance, Therefore, this product can also be recommended. Also, the possibility of growing some new crops in Mazandaran province, which was done through interviews with the professors of Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and research projects, which products such as medicinal plants are also suggested.


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