Effect of water stress at different growth stages on yield and water use efficiency of maize

Document Type : Research Paper


Water crisis is a main factor of crop cultivation limit in growing season. For different ‎crops, knowledge of sensitive irrigation timing is necessary for maximizing yield and amount of ‎irrigation water. Thus in order to investigate the effect of water stress on different growth stage of ‎maize, a field study was carried out during 2009 to 2011 growing season in Mazandaran province. ‎Experiment was‏ ‏conducted using randomized complete block design with four replications and ‎nine treatments. Irrigation treatment was tested with 30, 60 and 90% water depleted before and ‎after flowering stage. The amount of irrigation water was determined by weighing method to ‎reach soil moisture to the field capacity. The results of the comparison of the three-year average ‎yield showed that the highest yield (13400 kg ha-1), water use efficiency (3 kg /m3) and irrigation ‎water use efficiency (4.25 kg /m3) were obtained by 30% water depletion before and after ‎flowering stage treatment. In general, it can be concluded that increased stress before flowering ‎had a significant effect on yield and water use efficiency of maize. So, the increase in stress ‎before flowering caused a more severe reduction in the yield and water use efficiency of maize.‎


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