Evaluation of irrigation management transfer and identifying the key indicators



Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) is under implementation within 63 countries over the world. The results and constraints of this event have been different in mentioned countries. This research objected to survey of IMT constraints and identifies its key indicators in Ghazvin and Moghan pilots with different characteristics in type of Irrigation and their IMT process. The research method is descriptive-correlative and the statistical populations are farmers of Ghazvin Irrigation network and Moghan pumping station No. 8. Data collected by a questionnaire within farmers as a probable sample of two pilots, respectively. Data analyzing was done through one-sample mean test and Pearson correlation, t-test and F test. The results showed that the mean value of measured indicators in two pilots was greater than expected mean. The t-test approves this result with exceed of 95 percent confidence. Moreover, the points of view of farmers of two pilots have no sufficient correlation in two different Irrigation networks, but have the similarities on the key indicators such as “clear responsibilities and duties of farmers and government sectors”.