Evaluation at different level of irrigation on the seed yield and water use efficiency of coriander medicinal plant in a semi arid climate



Coriander is one of the important economic plants for medicinal production. This investigation consists of the effects of different drip irrigation (surface and subsurface) and furrow irrigation methods on grain, oil and essential of coriander. For this purpose, experiment over the past two years (2010 and 2011) in a randomized complete block was designed in three replications. Treatments were consisting of 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent of water requirement with drip irrigation methods (surface and subsurface) and the furrow irrigation treatments. The results showed significant effects of different levels of water stress on grain, oil and essential yield, water use efficiency in both years of study (P< 0.01). The highest oil and essential yield in 1389 were obtained for treatment 100 percent of subsurface drip tape irrigation with (106.3 liter per ha) and 50 percent of subsurface tape with (2.854 liter per ha), respectively. The highest oil yield and essential oil, respectively in 1390 were obtained for treatment 75 percent of subsurface irrigation treatment with oil and essential yield equal to (121.9 and 30491 liter per ha), respectively.