Author = Mahmoud Mashal
Barley Yield Forecasting Based on Remote Sensing Data and Xgboost and SVM Machine Learning Algorithms

Volume 13, Issue 4, January 2024, Pages 1119-1137

Hanie Bourbour; Mohammad Abdolahipour; Hojjat Abdollahi; Mahmoud Mashal

Assessment of Water, Food, and Energy Productivity Indices Using the WA+ Water Accounting Framework and a Nexus Approach

Volume 13, Issue 3, October 2023, Pages 715-733

Seyed Ali Moasheri; saman Javadi; Mahmoud Mashal; hamid Kardan moghaddam; Behzad Azadegan

Interaction of water deficit and mulch on the yield and water use efficiency in basil using elasticity theory

Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2022, Pages 645-657

shahla Abbasbeigi; Mahmoud Mashal; Ali Rahimikhoob

Evaluation of infiltration parameters estimation methods in furrow irrigation with the presence of superabsorbents

Volume 11, Issue 3, November 2021, Pages 391-407

Azam Ahmadi Saraeilani; Behzad Azadegan; Hamed Ebrahimian; Mahmoud Mashal

Determination of water use efficiency and water-nitrogen production function for Radish crop

Volume 11, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 315-324

Soleiman Khayyam; Mahmoud Mashal; Sasan Aliniaeifard; Maryam Varavipour

Field evaluation of the effect of two superabsorbent polymers A200 and Stakosorb on hydraulic performance in furrow irrigation

Volume 10, Issue 2, October 2020, Pages 173-187

Azam Ahmadi Saraeilani; Mahmoud Mashal; Behzad Azadegan; Payam Kamali

Effect of different light intensities on water use efficiency of lettuce under controlled conditions

Volume 9, Issue 1, December 2019, Pages 43-53

maryam esmaili; Mahmoud Mashal; Sasan Aliniaefard; Behzad Azadegan

Integrated modeling of water resources systems, agricultural and socio-economic in Hashtgerd Plain, using system dynamics approach

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2017, Pages 263-280

Aida Mehrazar; Alireza Massah Bavani; Mahmoud Mashal; Hadisseh Rahimikhoob

Compare the now performance of irrigation and drainage network Varamin with off night scenario

Volume 4, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 137-147

Mina Sadat Seyedjavad; Mahmoud Mashaal

Assessment of theoretical salt leaching models (Case Study: LabarLands -Saveh Plain)

Volume 3, Issue 1, September 2013, Pages 121-134

Mahmoud Mashal; Mohammad Daneshvar; Sayid Emami; Maryam Varavipour

Water table management effects on quantity and quality of water drains out of Underground drainage

Volume 3, Issue 1, September 2013, Pages 135-145

Mahmoud Mashal; Javad Kamrani; Farhad Mirzaie Asli

Effect of different well shape factor determination methods on saturated hydraulic conductivity results in Guelph Permeameter analysis

Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2011, Pages 55-68

Mahmoud Mashal; Hamed Sohrabi; Maryam Varavi pour; Ghasem Zarei